This has been one heck of an adventure, with family, friends and more importantly each other we are making it day by day!
Thank you Stanislav Kalyuzhny for being the best friend, companion and father that I could ever ask for.

Jaciel is here! Pictures.

Birthing Adventure

After a month plus of early labor Jaciel finally makes her long awaited debut six minutes after eleven in the morning on January twenty-fourth of Two-thousand eleven. This is how it came about.
  • 12:30 AM - I felt so uncomfortable, couldn't sleep and I tried desperately. I felt like something was changing or that something just didn't feel right but there wasn't any evidence to corroborate my intuitive feeling. My back hurt, my contractions seemed the same as they have been during my month of 'early/prodromal labor' but my back hurt horribly. I walked around the house, changed positions lying down, EVERYTHING. I decided to go to Labor and Delivery, my energy was tapped out.
  • 1 AM - Waking up Stas is always a pain in the behind. This time was no different. I got ready grabbed the keys and about gave up trying to rouse him when he finally allowed himself to be ... awoken from his deep REM sleep. He sleeps like a darn rock. I tell him to put on his shoes and get into the car. Of course its super foggy and he asks me if I can see. I reply, "no" can you? I guess fog is something I am use to. We get to Labor and Delivery. 
  • 1:30 - 5 AM - 
    • Dilated still to a 4/5 cm, 85% Effaced Jill told me to walk for an hour. I did so chanting to myself "Pain is good. Pain is good. Pain is good." Interesting Mantra right?
    • Dilated still 4/5 cm, 100% Effaced and given the option to stay meaning being admitted and waiting until my doctor came in at 7 AM or Going home and coming back around 7 AM when my doctor would be there to come in or last option go home and just go to my Doctors appointment on the 25th. (At that moment it was Early morning on the 24th) My reply to my options was an "I don't know." I was too exhausted to make any decision. Thankfully Jill knew me well enough throughout my visits to Labor and Delivery to make my choice for me, with my unspoken permission. She told me it would take her about thirty minutes to get a room because people with scheduled C-sections and so on were filing in and she had to move some things around. Maybe I should go do some more walking. I did. 
    • In a room, Ophelia became my day nurse a wonderful person. Leah,another wonderful person, whom I've known since I was a child came in did my IV before her shift was over due to my difficult veins. They gave me some Fentanyl to rid me of my discomfort and allow me to sleep.
    • I tell Stas to go ahead and go home to take care of the dog. He and I agree that he'll return about 9:30 AM I doubted anything would happen by morning, since my luck in that department hasn't really given me any hope. 
  • 7 AM Dr. Wiseman comes in and checks me. 
    • Dilated (surprisingly enough) 6 cm, he at that point asked the nurse to hand him the hook, the one I call the crochet hook to break my water. (It didn't hurt) 
    • Checked again - Dilated 6 cm (Stretchy)
    • Then says to me "We are having a baby today." ME: "What?" HIM: "Isn't this what you wanted?" ME: "Yes" HIM: "Then we are having a baby today. See you in again in a little while." - Needless to say I was in a bit of shock. I don't know why, I guess because it was just made REAL, when prior is seemed so distant.
  • 7AM - 10:45 (ish) AM Mind you no one is around but the nurse and I Stas has no idea that we aren't leaving the hospital without a baby. Nor am I able to call anyone, my phone is broken and I have not one phone number on my person. I wasn't planning on this happening. I had given up on things going anywhere, that was a bad idea. Stas and I didn't plan for him to return until 9:30AM or so. 
    • The beginning was smooth I was able to see myself through them. Ophelia asked me if I wanted a labor coach and I replied with an "I don't know" then a "Its not that bad right now, I should be fine for a bit." About thirty minutes or so she brings in this woman saying she's the best, which I must admit she was/is AWESOME, then again so was/is Ophelia. The wonderful woman never left my side after that, even going as far as coming with me to the Mother and Baby unit to see me off. Around the time she came in with the AWESOME labor coach my labor began to get more difficult, not unbearable but harder.
    • I finally requested a dose of medication, initially a half dose but Ophelia in her wonderful nursing intuitiveness brought a full dose. She tells me that it will feel like only a half dose because of the intensity of my contractions and she was very correct. By that time I kept saying "Where the hell is Stas?" I didn't shout this, just calmly kept repeating it. I wanted him there, I needed to see him there just for the support of his presence. He didn't get there long after I began to really want him there. Good timing and priceless facial expression when I explained to him what was taking place. As I had expected he was a wonderful support helping me focus on the breathing that I needed to do. Mind you I couldn't stay still for anything, I even got complimented on the positions I went into. I guess my reading, documentary watching and question asking paid off in the end although it was less then conscientiously that I was doing anything in particular.
    • The end was coming about and I asked for another dose of medication, I felt bad for asking for any medication. I wanted to have it available and I went as long as I could without anything and probably could have gone longer but the lack of sleep when I began made it more difficult for me. My body was exhausted. Ophelia hesitated with the last dose, not wanting me to be drugged during delivery. Well she was right, not that the drugs touched anything and had no affect on Jaciel. No drug has since the start of our adventure together. They told me she'd slow down in movements for this reason or that well they lied! This was no different. 
    • The slight relaxation that the medication provided allowed my body to dilate the last centimeter necessary.
  • 10:45 AM - 11:06 AM It was time, she was coming and I couldn't stop it. Ophelia starts suiting up just in case while telling me not to push yet, I was barely getting in a better position and the Wiseman was walking through the door. I swear he was just waiting. Between Ophelia, the Labor Coach, Wiseman and Stas I heard a slew of encouraging words. I'd like to give you a play by play but honestly I can tell you this: 
    • Push one, I learned 'Christina' does not like holding on to her legs like instructed. LOL. I wanted to push down and ball up my fists. I think its just an auto reaction. 
    • Push two, I could hear myself begin to squeal more and felt myself try to mentally grasp onto to the voices of encouragement.
    • Push three, I remember saying 'I can't do this.'
    • Push four, I asked if I was ripping and was told I wasn't.
    • Push five, I ripped and heard Wiseman say "Wow she has broad shoulders." (Thank you Jaciel, I almost did it without ripping.) She was out!
    • Push one last time and out came the afterbirth.
    • I heard the Neonatal Doc say "She's fine." with this tone sounding like it seemed unnecessary for his presence in the first place. Then I had her in my arms.
    • Sewing up my Category Two, thanks again to her beautiful shoulders was a little uncomfortable and took two shots of numbing fluid.
    • At that point pain medication shot three was requested and I don't feel guilty for that! 
The entire experience was one of a kind and as I said in my actual Post Birth blog, I am glad I felt everything. I am happy with my experience. I am SUPER happy with my outcome. Jaciel nursed flawlessly the first time. I had more problems then she did. Then I guess that is normal. Although it really only took us a few to get it right.

This is our Birthing Adventure.