This has been one heck of an adventure, with family, friends and more importantly each other we are making it day by day!
Thank you Stanislav Kalyuzhny for being the best friend, companion and father that I could ever ask for.

Jaciel is here! Pictures.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

10 Days Old

Jaciel is ten days old and is now 7lbs 7.5oz. I can't believe how fast she is already growing so fast.

Its already too fast for me, lol. I am patiently waiting for her to be able to fit in 0-3 mo. clothing. Right now she still only fitting in Newborn clothing therefore she doesn't have many options.

This is just a short note making sure I announce the biggest change in her development. Oh yeah, aside from the weight she is also keeping her eyes open for longer amounts of time, exploring the world around her albeit fuzzy since she is still learning to focus. I think its so neat. Jaciel isn't even two whole weeks old and I can already see how newborn-hood is slipping away.

Its so fascinating!

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