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Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Year Older...

As I have mentioned on Facebook this morning my mother is turning another year older. When did that happen I think to myself. Then I remember "oh yeah about the same time I turned twenty-six she was on her way to fifty-three. Now she is going to be heading to fifty-four and I... am going to be edging closer to twenty-seven ALREADY."

The years go by and creep up on you even when your not looking. Its not a bad thing matter of fact I see it as a blessing. My father can't have another year, even if it is half due to his own devices. My baby-girl can't ever turn a year old. Nor can all the others we've lost in recent and past years. They are perpetually the age they were when they perished. No feeling that back ache from when you were twenty-one and had been not paying attention to what you were doing, then dumb enough to ignore it until it became more of a problem. Your reasoning being "I'm young it will go away." it doesn't go away but hey just think that ache you feel makes you remember how invincible you once felt. That untouchable youthfulness flowing strongly in your veins and how thrilling yet how disastrous it once was. Those aches and pains allow you the pleasure of looking back remembering what you learned and what you MUST pass on.

I think age is a beautiful thing, it can be frustrating at times and can add some visual character changes that aren't always welcomed but none of it is less then WELL earned.

I am glad my mother has the chance to turn fifty-three, the chance to be here with me and share this pregnancy with me. I am thrilled to know she is going to be here when Jaciel is born and see her granddaughter, enjoy the new life that has been created.

This is to my Mommy, Leonor Castorena, and her accomplishment of surviving a beautiful fifty-three years, raising a very self-sufficient daughter and being able to welcome a extremely loved granddaughter into this crazy chaotic world.

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