This has been one heck of an adventure, with family, friends and more importantly each other we are making it day by day!
Thank you Stanislav Kalyuzhny for being the best friend, companion and father that I could ever ask for.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Its been a few days since I have updated this lovely blog. Baby and I are doing well, my only current dilemma right this second is I am hungry for something but am clueless on what that SOMETHING is.

I realized that my third trimester will be starting very soon, meaning... guess what... I am having a baby soon. HA! What a realization as she catapults her right leg into my pelvis. HAHA. Yeah Yeah I know you'd think I would have this realization a while ago. Truth is, I have. Then I had it again about the time she began to kick me. Then yet again around now. I am sure I will have another dose of 'OMG I AM HAVING A BABY' about the moment I go into labor.

Don't worry, none of my 'OMG' moments are really freaking out with an anxiety moments, although I think my sister thinks they may be with the way she reply's to my comments. They are hard to explain. In the mix of everything, the doctors appointments, the kicks, the cravings the contractions that aren't suppose to be there, the bed-rest or couch rest I forget that in the end, there is an end and when it comes I am going to be holding onto the same being that has been kicking my insides and residing in my belly for the last nine or so months. Which is exciting and thrilling. Of course like any other soon to be parents we want to be ready, at least product wise, set up because being actually READY isn't possible. Its a play it by ear kind of thing. Especially with my body and our baby girl.

Well ... well I should be getting these address' together like I am suppose to. When any one of you find that PAUSE button we are all on a perpetual search for, the one that pauses life just long enough for you to get your bearings and maybe some perspective, CALL ME!

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