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Thank you Stanislav Kalyuzhny for being the best friend, companion and father that I could ever ask for.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hormones or Me

I really hate the way it feels when I want to run someone off the road, drag them out of the car they are in and pummel them. Its not a warm fuzzy feeling, its infuriating. Now question is, am I experiencing this because of hormones putting me into protection mode or is it because I have a natural violent streak. Which is it?

This young blonde.... oh keeping the rest of that comment to myself and going on... was on the phone in her BMW SUV and cut us off twice. The woman, if she can even privileged to be referred to as one, was so close to shoving us off the roadway that I clenched my entire body. Lets just say that isn't a good feeling when your trying to stay calm, unstressed both physically and emotionally for baby's sake. The first time scared me and I honked the horn while Stas navigated us to safety, the second time caused me to want to spit fire. If it was possible you would have seen it spewing fifty feet from my open mouth charring her car. I LAID on the horn and started to screen obscenities. She scared me so bad that I felt like MOWING her down. Thank the lord and for the sake of everyone else I wasn't driving.

Now I have always had a hint of ROAD RAGE but the feeling I was experiencing was complete total NEED for annihilation. I wanted to not only run her off the road but make sure she felt it.

That frightens me. I know I have a part of me that can be less then pleasant but I didn't think it was that easily provoked. What gives?

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