This has been one heck of an adventure, with family, friends and more importantly each other we are making it day by day!
Thank you Stanislav Kalyuzhny for being the best friend, companion and father that I could ever ask for.

Jaciel is here! Pictures.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Movies, Pogo and Snacks

Today I spent my afternoon watching movies, munching on Oranges and playing Qwerty. I think I might spend my evening the same way. Netflix happens to be my best friend along with Pogo. Both sites have been a life saver for me. Today I have seen Memory and Legion I haven't decided what movie is to come next. Thinking a foreign film. Possibly French or Russian or better yet, a Korean Horror Flick. Stas works until one in the morning so I have all the time in the world.

Pogo, my friendly gaming site is the one any only place to go for Qwerty and a very lovely game of Scrabble. I am addicted to those word games. Even if I don't seem to win much.

Jaciel is doing great she is moving around acting like a good little body snatcher. Abusing me yet making me smile all at the same time, Very Happy Mama here!

I guess that is all today. I am going to do some reading, online news kind of stuff, and maybe some chapters in the Novel I picked up titled Emily Hudson . Then Movie time!!!

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